Independent station: the best tool choice for grassroots entrepreneurs

Comparison between independent websites and big platforms

Although big platforms have more users and traffic, and are easier to use, they have limitations in terms of monetization model. Usually, the only way to make money on big platforms is through opening an online store or creating content for media, with very few other profit models. In comparison, independent websites have more potential for development and innovation.

Advantages of independent websites

Almost everyone can operate on big platforms, leading to almost no entry barriers and competitive edges, resulting in fierce competition. Therefore, doing e-commerce on big platforms almost requires a large amount of capital, and the revenue sharing for media platforms is constantly decreasing. While independent websites may be small, ownership belongs entirely to the individual, and will gradually grow and develop over time, like having a reservoir to hold water. By redirecting the free traffic from big platforms to independent websites, more complex monetization scenarios can be achieved, maximizing the value of traffic.

Limitations of writing and short videos

Earning traffic sharing benefits through writing and short videos is not cost-effective, with costs outweighing returns. Despite persisting in creating content on self-media platforms for many years, direct income is limited. However, by redirecting traffic to an independent website, the indirect benefits can be hundreds of times or even higher than direct income. Therefore, owning an independent website can achieve more efficient monetization and transform into long-lasting value.

The Value of an Independent Website

Compared to self-media, independent websites have higher complexity and monetization efficiency, as well as entry barriers and moats. In this era, anyone can become a self-media creator, but those who are able to establish an independent website and operate it in a closed loop are still a minority. The complexity of things determines their value, and the existence of independent websites proves this law.


Although many people have a negative attitude towards independent websites, I have been persisting in doing it for more than a decade and will continue to move forward in the future. Because within my ability and resources, an independent website is the best tool I can have. Choosing an independent website is the wise choice for grassroots entrepreneurs in this era.