Sogou New Site Inclusion Tips

The role of Sogou spider pool

Sogou spider pool is formed by resolving and cataloging a large number of sites and interconnecting with each other to create a Sogou pool. Sites share Sogou spiders to accelerate Sogou's inclusion speed. The higher the site weight, the higher the contribution to other domain names in the spider pool, which can increase the traffic of the entire site. Through the Sogou spider pool, a large number of long-tail keywords can be pushed to Sogou for inclusion and ranking.

Improve the inclusion rate using Sogou spider

Sogou spiders are divided into Sogou web spider, Sogou inst spider, Sogou spider, and Sogou wap spider. Especially when the Sogou web spider visits, the website may be included. Through the Sogou spider pool, you can actively submit links to Sogou through push tools, accelerating website inclusion. Active submission is the quickest way to submit, allowing for the submission of individual page links and links updated after the page. Sogou officially provides two ways for site submission: verified site submission and non-verified site submission.

Accelerate inclusion through active submission

Active push is a way provided to SEO personnel to accelerate the Sougou website inclusion. It can speed up the search engine's crawling speed for website content, and improve the inclusion rate. Sougou officially provides two active push methods: site verification push and non-verification site push. Verified sites can push 200 links per day, and the quota can be shared for main/subdomains. Non-verified site push can also accelerate inclusion.

Hope the above tips on Sougou's new site inclusion can help everyone. Stay tuned for SEO-related knowledge, help websites quickly increase inclusion and rankings. Thank you for reading!