How to Easily Build a Website and Go Live

Purchase virtual hosting and domain

The first step in building a website is to purchase a virtual hosting and a domain. The virtual hosting is used to store website files, while the domain is the address entered by users when accessing the website. The prices of virtual hosting and domain vary according to configuration and type, usually ranging from tens to thousands of yuan. After purchase, you can set relevant parameters in the management panel.

Create website files

You can create a simple website file using various professional web page editing tools or directly write it in a notepad. When saving the file, make sure the file name is index.html so that the website homepage can be displayed correctly.

Upload files to virtual hosting

Upload the created website files to the purchased virtual hosting. In the virtual hosting management panel, locate the file management menu, choose upload, and upload the index.html file to the virtual hosting.

Domain name resolution binding

Bind the purchased domain in the virtual hosting management panel, and perform domain name resolution in the domain management panel. Add an A record and fill in the IP address of the virtual hosting. Upon submission, the domain name resolution will be completed.

It should be noted that when purchasing a domain name, personal or company information needs to be provided for real-name authentication, and the domain name can only be used after the authentication is approved. Some domain names with special suffixes or service providers may not require real-name authentication, and specific operations should be carried out according to the merchant's regulations.

By following the above steps, you can access the website by entering the registered domain name in the browser. The website content is the content written in the index.html file. If you need to modify the content, simply edit the file and upload it again.

Building a simple website and putting it online is not complicated, but more complex websites involve professional knowledge such as databases. If you have the need to learn website development, feel free to contact me for guidance.