Comprehensive Guide to Driving Traffic to Your Independent Website

Optimize website product keywords

Focus on one or two main keywords on each webpage, you can use some SEO tools, such as SEO Everywhere, to help you find relevant keywords.

Maintain content freshness

Content updates are a common way to bring a lot of search engine traffic to your website. Essentially, you need to remove outdated content from the page and add new content to keep the relevance of the content. It's basically a quick fix for old webpage content.

Submit the website's Sitemap to search engines

You can request search engines to crawl and index your website, thereby increasing the chances of your website appearing on relevant search results pages. For Google: you can submit your website through Search Console.

Build website backlinks

Backlinks can also drive traffic to your store. Users on other websites can click on the link and browse your website, and they may also make purchases on your website.

Analyze competitors

When developing a new product category, it is helpful to understand the main traffic sources of competitors in the same category, which will help us prioritize which marketing channels to focus on.

Keyword research

Optimizing website experience based on the searchers' intent, that is, long-tail keywords, makes it more likely that you will provide the content they are looking for. Due to the low competitiveness of long-tail keywords, it is also easier to rank and get organic traffic.

Add new content to the website every day

One of Google's ranking factors is the freshness of content, so regularly updating your website content is a good practice - if possible, aim for daily updates.

Publish exclusive content

Start a blog, create free courses, develop Slideshare presentations, host webinars, or publish other relevant original content on your website. Maintain regular posting and allow users to subscribe so they have a reason to keep coming back.

Create online quizzes

Online quizzes are an effective lead generation tool that can be used in a content marketing mix.

Use the TikTok short video channel

TikTok is also constantly bringing the domestic Douyin model overseas, from the early creator fund, to hanging shop links to form a semi-closed loop for livestream selling, then to the little yellow car, and finally developing into the mature livestream selling model - TikTok store.

Hold contests and events on social media

Regularly hold contests and giveaway events in social media strategies, which can provide more reasons for people to visit your website. If you promote your contest activities through advertising, you may also ignite your word-of-mouth marketing. When users participate in contests or receive free gifts, you also have the opportunity to promote to them in the future.

Publish content on Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform where brands can edit and style blog articles with simple HTML and CSS and publish them. This platform has also created a publisher community where you can follow, engage with, and promote other people's posts.

YouTube marketing

You can create a YouTube channel, publish videos of your products, add description links in the videos, add video annotation links, and also invite other YouTubers to share your links in their videos to increase traffic on YouTube.

Guest posts

You can submit posts to other websites and accept posts from external contributors.

Drive website traffic using Facebook

You can get traffic from Facebook groups, Facebook ads, Messenger, and of course your own Page.

Use Instagram for marketing

Gain more exposure through links and tags in your posts, add links in your account bio, collaborate with influencers with a large following to create high-quality content with your brand tags and links.

Share PR news on LinkedIn

While LinkedIn may not be the most important channel for most online retailers, you can still get steady traffic by sharing PR news.

Add social sharing buttons

Add social sharing buttons on your website to allow users to easily share your product links, spread posts to social media platforms like Facebook, and attract more traffic.

Use Twitter for marketing

Post on Twitter, collaborate with other websites, and accept posts from external contributors to increase brand awareness.

Utilize Pinterest

By frequently sharing products and blog content on Pinterest, you can gain more powerful traffic than Facebook, attracting more users to visit your website.

Influencer Marketing

Mention collaborations with influencers on social media accounts, share their post links, let influencers help spread your brand, attract more attention and traffic.

Promote your APP on Snapchat

Promote your APP on Snapchat, attract young users through targeted promotion strategies, let them understand your products and website.

Participate in Q&A Forums

Participate in discussions in Q&A forums, provide valuable content, build relationships, earn respect from members, and ultimately promote your products and website.

Create your own forum

Attract users to ask and reply by creating forums, bring more traffic and unique content to the website, and meet SEO needs.

Utilize Facebook Groups

Provide value in Facebook groups related to Niche, avoid excessive promotion, attract potential customers to pay attention to your brand.

Engage in Affiliate Marketing

Collaborate through alliance platforms, place tracking links on partner websites to achieve sales and earn commissions, drive more traffic.

Advertise on ad networks

Advertise digitally through ad networks, target ads to specific customers, increase website traffic and brand exposure.

Collaborate with other brands

Build brand partnerships, gain credibility endorsements and more audience exposure, track partnership effects digitally, increase website traffic.

Contact journalists

Reach out to writers or journalists, have them discuss your brand and include links, boost brand awareness and website traffic.

Publish press releases

Share press releases on comprehensive websites, attract new audience attention, increase website traffic and brand exposure.

Post on Product Hunt

Share products on Product Hunt, provide high-quality product photos and descriptions, use URL tracking links to attract more user visits.

Use retargeting ads to re-engage visitors

Re-engage visitors through retargeting ads, increase visit quality and intent, achieve more effective sales and traffic growth.