Effective Techniques for Improving Conversion Rates on Independent Websites

Small Changes, Big Impact

Making small-scale and low-cost modifications to independent websites can yield huge returns. Based on experience, many small changes can be made on independent websites, and these low-cost optimizations can quickly produce unexpected results. Focus on conversion rate optimization at a specific point each time, keep the changes that increase conversion, and ignore attempts with no changes. Not every modification or optimization is effective for every independent website, as each site has different goals or conversion methods.

Optimize Copywriting

Changing the wording and copywriting of independent websites is an important method to increase the conversion rate. Pay attention to the funnel process between visitors arriving at the independent website and making a purchase. Additional or unnecessary steps may lead to loss. One retailer made registering an account as an optional part of the checkout process, resulting in a 45% increase in sales. Ensure that customers have the most direct and simple way to submit inquiries or make purchases.

Change the Presentation of Content

Video content generates higher conversion rates than text content. It is recommended to create valuable video content for visitors, such as tutorials or product introductions. Converting text content to video is also a good idea.

Do Not Pressure Visitors

Do not continue to pressure visitors on the standalone site. Ensure that they are not pressured before making a purchase decision. For example, after 37signals changed the registration button copy, the number of registrations increased by 200% because visitors still wanted more information and had not yet decided to buy.

Avoid harming conversion rates

Make sure there are no elements that harm conversion rates on the standalone site. For example, avoid a 'reset form' button next to the submit button that causes users to re-enter information, and prevent a 'clear shopping cart' button from accidentally deleting items. In these cases, it is best to set up a warning window to have customers confirm their actions.

Timing of major changes

If small changes are ineffective, consider making significant changes. Test two completely different page designs to find a better solution than the current website improvement, and continue testing to enhance page performance. Perhaps try changing the content of the landing page, for example, Performable company increased conversion rates by 80% by changing the landing page content.